WE The People…

I wrote this on March 25th, 2010 and was afraid (ashamedly) to publish it. NOW however, I believe the time is right.

An Open Letter to Politicians the World Over

We the people are frustrated by your lack of empathy and your failure to protect us in our time of need.

We the people who are the source of and legitimization of your power are sick and tired of you usurping our desires and ramming down our throats policies that do not reflect, in any way, our desire to pursue, freely, as guaranteed by our various constitutional documents, some variant of life, liberty or peace, order and GOOD GOVERNMENT and paid in full with the blood of countless patriots on too many battlefields to count.

We the people are angry that our votes are not counted, or worse changed, to allow you, as puppets, the ability to serve your corporate masters… Corporations may pay taxes, despite your best efforts to limit their payments, but corporations are not citizens, and the modern corporation is contrary to everything that is right and just in our societies. When the ruling came down that enabled corporations to have all the rights of citizens without ANY of the responsibilities that again were forged in the blood of true patriots that came long before I, you failed us, completely. And yet, you can correct that shameful mistake just as easily as you can eat on your bone china and prorogue at will.

We the people, the world over, demand, first peacefully and eventually by force if necessary, that without delay you begin to explore the grievances of the working man upon whose back you give away incentives and cash to corporations and wake up to the coming reality that the people scorned can and will not stand for the tyranny inflicted upon us through our slave wages and ever rising costs that force us to make decisions between feeding our families OR paying our mortgage. We further ask, given the same choice, what would you choose?

We the people seek the equal human rights of all our people, regardless of gender, religion or age. We the people seek the recognition that there is only one race and it is one that binds us, the human race. And in recognizing such we further demand that without delay, you, our elected leaders, begin to work with governments the world over to find an immediate and lasting peaceful resolution to all disputes so that we can address the environmental holocaust that will befall our children.

We the people demand that all policies, which are not conducive to the improvement of the human condition and the planet earth, be eradicated. Further that there be equal access and distribution of all necessities of life including, food, shelter and water.

We further seek the immediate implementation of universal education enabling a future that is filled with promise and hope, not to mention solutions to many of the issues that need to be addressed if our species is to continue to thrive.

Dear Leaders, we the people first ask and if necessary, in due time, we will rise up and ensure that our voices are heard. That our anger will reveal to you the tenuous and fragile nature of the positions you hold. We require you to stop these petty squabbles and the politics of lies, deceit and muck racking. We demand that you realize that we will not be sidelined, that we are seeking redress AND we will get it one way or the other.

We acknowledge the various issues and challenges that stand before you in doing this and offer up all assistance you need. But we will not wait long, we will no longer accept the status quo as we know that if our children are to survive, we can not be quieted, we can not be quelled, we must rise up as ONE PEOPLE, UNITED and indivisible in our cause of righting the wrongs of the past, the sins of our fathers, beginning today the drive to a better tomorrow.

Impatiently Yours,

We The People

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One response to “WE The People…

  1. Lily Mae

    I loved the power, emotion and reality in the demands… We can only hope.xx

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