I asked myself;
Before I started writing,
How far is too far?

The answer I came up with,
Was if I didn’t write this,
I had become just as guilty as those who are the perpetrators,
It was Edmund Burke who once said;
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
I may not be able to stop this madness,
But I can stand up and let it be known,
That true evil is at work in the world,
And I can not stand by,
And do nothing.

There is a shadow government at work in the United States,
And around the world,
Its reach is truly global in nature,
Its goal,
World domination,
Control of the entire globe,
So powerful is this group that they even publish their intent,
The Neo Conservatives,
And their lackeys at the Project for the New American Century,
Companies run by former rulers world wide like the Carlyle Group,
Have as their aims and objectives,
To engross the American Military Complex,
the corporatocracy,
Fatten the pockets of the rich to make them richer
And to ensure that America take advantage,
Of its current position as the sole military power,
For as long as possible taking advantage while they can,
Because just like Pax Romana, Pax Britannica,
Pax Americana will fall, the question is when?

This shadow government has at its head,
Men with names like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle,
And oh yes Bush,
They needed a modern Pearl Harbor,
And even said so, in a written document,
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with 9/11,
Or terrorism,
And everything to do with the projection of power,
Designed to demonstrate to the world,
And those who would oppose them,
What they can expect.
Don’t believe me,
Check it out for yourself,
I am just here to make you think,
If you choose to open your eyes,
Then you will SEE!

When Buckminster Fuller wrote;
The Critical Path,
He warned in the Preface,
That Afghanistan, in 20 years, would be the most important,
Nation in the world,
And he was right,
Unocal’s man in Kabul,
Hamid Karzai,
America’s choice,
To ensure that the necessary pipelines,
Would be a lifeline to China and Japan,
Bucky was right,
Almost to the day,
If you were to look at a map,
Of American Military Installations,
Real projections of power and protection,
The most significant and important bases,
In Afghanistan,
Are all within striking distance,
Of the pipelines.

Naturally, the Neo Cons and the PNAC cronies’,
Knew that they needed a catalyst,
9/11 was the perfect candidate,
They had a boogey man to blame it on,
Though history,
If ever shown truthfully,
Will reveal that the masters of its design,
Were far closer to home,
Private Contractors like Blackwater,
Popping up like weeds watered by crisp Americans dollars,
That poof,
Vanished into thin air,
Perpetrating deaths against Iraqi’s and Afghani’s,
And if you are not careful,
You too,
Eisenhower knew it and he warned against it,
Lincoln knew it,
And at the height of the civil war warned of the shadow government,
But just who is this shadow government?

The question deserves an answer,
And as is always the case,
Follow the money,
Who put Bush in the White House?
Which really means who wanted Cheney, Perle, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz,
Bush was just a puppet,
And they held his strings,
The money trail, as plain as the trillion that has disappeared,
Into the pockets of,
Kellogg Brown and Root,
Burning Beds,
Destroying brand new equipment,
So they could benefit from Cost plus,
Don’t believe me,
Check the GAO reports.

The list is long,
And so are the political contributions,
The same companies and shadows that benefit from death and destruction,
Double dip,
And benefit from the paradox,
They destroy and then claim to rebuild,
Of course,
Ask an Iraqi what has be rebuilt and they will laugh in your face,
Ask an Iraqi what happened to their rich cultural history and relics,
And they will cry,
As America and England,
As they have in the past,
Robbed Iraq blind,
Trying to erase,
A future generations hope,
By removing any connection to its past,
Ancient sites,
Destroyed with extreme malice and intent,
Relics stolen and placed in the Smithsonian and the British Museum,
The rest,
Sold off,
Like a fire sale to rich collectors around the world,
Without any regard to the Iraqi rights to their own history.

There is a shadow government my friends,
And it has as its goal,
One world government,
To control all of us,
And they have drawn a line in the sand,
These sharks,
Who are demonstrating?
What they will do to all of us,
If we don’t stop them;
How you ask?

By standing up!
By being counted!
By demanding that your government answer to you,
And not these shadows,
It is government by and for the people,
Not buy and for the corporations.

Before it is too late,
The revolution will be televised,
As the expression goes,
Only this revolution is manufacturing dissent,
And obedience,
One day at a time.




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