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Magpie 95 – The Shores of Desperation

The old man collapsed as he hit the shore,
Kissing it as he
hoped that his desperate search had found its conclusion,
at least for now.

With sheer joy and excitement he took that first step,
Having been alone at sea for days,
Or was it weeks,
Perhaps months,
He couldn’t be sure as days melted together,
As iron in a smelter.

But he knew he was free of that little boat,
The one he loved for guiding him safely to shore,
It wasn’t until step three he realized there was a problem,
Sinking right before his eyes,
One grain of sand at a time,
Until he could no longer move,
Stuck once more,
Captive of the oceans fury,
Just out of reach of the oars that could free him.

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NaNoWriMo Update

I hope this finds you all well.

I wanted to give you all a NaNoWriMo update as November is now behind us.

I was unable for a myriad of reasons to complete the fifty thousand word challenge. Due to the nature of the material I found that it was taking a great personal toll on me both physically and mentally. I would stop and start. Stop and start. I had days that I wrote sixteen thousand words that I would erase because I didn’t believe that I was being as honest as is needed for the work that it is going to be. That being said I did allow myself the luxury of almost forty thousand words, which I see as a good start.

So Hemingway & Me continues. One painful memory at a time.

Be Inspired Today!

Peace, Respect, Love and Light,


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Magpie 94 – Can’t you see?



Can you see it?

Can’t you see?

The price,

The price we’ve paid for these so called comforts,

Those are no longer comfortable.


Can’t you see it?

Painted on their faces,





Emotion dripping from their lips,

Sadness drowning pools from their eyes,

Can’t you see?

Why don’t you see?


Won’t you see it?

To set us free,

Break the chains of our discontent,

Seek love,

Find hope,

Embrace difference,

For conformity is killing us,

One coffee and

One sandwich at a time.


Can’t you see it?

Can’t you see?


You must!


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