Magpie 94 – Can’t you see?



Can you see it?

Can’t you see?

The price,

The price we’ve paid for these so called comforts,

Those are no longer comfortable.


Can’t you see it?

Painted on their faces,





Emotion dripping from their lips,

Sadness drowning pools from their eyes,

Can’t you see?

Why don’t you see?


Won’t you see it?

To set us free,

Break the chains of our discontent,

Seek love,

Find hope,

Embrace difference,

For conformity is killing us,

One coffee and

One sandwich at a time.


Can’t you see it?

Can’t you see?


You must!


Written from picture prompt at



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4 responses to “Magpie 94 – Can’t you see?

  1. oh yes, conformity is a killer.

  2. Excellent comment on the prompt…

  3. Profound! You pretty much sum it up, I fear. Well done.

  4. Yes, one coffee and one sandwich at a time. Excellent thoughtful write.

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