Magpie 95 – The Shores of Desperation

The old man collapsed as he hit the shore,
Kissing it as he
hoped that his desperate search had found its conclusion,
at least for now.

With sheer joy and excitement he took that first step,
Having been alone at sea for days,
Or was it weeks,
Perhaps months,
He couldn’t be sure as days melted together,
As iron in a smelter.

But he knew he was free of that little boat,
The one he loved for guiding him safely to shore,
It wasn’t until step three he realized there was a problem,
Sinking right before his eyes,
One grain of sand at a time,
Until he could no longer move,
Stuck once more,
Captive of the oceans fury,
Just out of reach of the oars that could free him.

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7 responses to “Magpie 95 – The Shores of Desperation

  1. I really like this ballad, story telling piece…it has a The Old Man and the Sea feel to it…Papa would be proud…

  2. Nice like that…..I have now get myself an account so I will wright also… got me inspired…

    Love, Kajsa

  3. Very creative, and convincing, take on the prompt.

  4. dang…to come so far and fall yet again…perhaps at that point the end is welcome…nicely told…

  5. whoa – what a twist – spooky almost – both the pic and the excellent poem; do you know the artist of the painting? It looks like a Wyeth to me …

  6. creative and cool.
    it is quite a while seeing you post.


    Hope all is well,
    Glad to land on your island that showcase fabulous poetry talent, way to go!!!

    Welcome join us by submitting a free verse or a poem of your choice today,


    Happy New Year!
    Bless You.


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