Invisible Hands

My soul aches

For a universal understanding

That only the Ether can bring,

Tormented by the desires and designs

Of my Ladies of the night,

Those only visit me when I am close to breaking

And falling into that wondrous place

Where all my troubles are left behind,

(there never left behind)

Ladies Destiny and Fate,


Spirited lovers,

Caress my intentions with fiery lips and

Fiercely present me with directions I have not conceived

Demonstrating truths that I hitherto have not believed

Wondering as I do,

How did I get to here?


Worn out,

Busted and searching,

Seeking the answers that for the now

They refuse to give

For reasons I may never know,

Yet as I presume

Guided by the Ether

What could they really say to satiate

This all consuming pain?

Of love lost

Of brain lost

Of youth lost

Of words found?

This mind still ripe as the morning sun,

Rising as I do

Each day to record what is commanded,


Yet decreed all the same,

My insides tremble

As I try to resist those desires and designs

Thinking they might return me to me,

I and I and I become solely I once more,

But it is all for naught,

My Ladies won’t let me go

Nor will the Ether

And you all can clearly see and know

That my lot in life

Is a servant to a cruel master that has taken all from me

But given me the greatest gift,

Save love,

I have ever known,

These blessed words.




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