Magpie 109


I’m battling myself

Like a rundown Spartan

As I always do

My mind awash in fascinations

Curiosities and intricacies

That I have neither the time nor inclination

To explain,

Conditions that have taken hold

Of mind, body and soul,


Only to reveal the inner machinations


From which I have no escape

Just like the passage of time

Or stupid asinine rhymes

Case in point

But I jest

And just move toward the I

That I and I can be

Hovering somewhere between the hidden truths

Of a rolled up lawn,

Wrench in hand

I am wrenching to understand,

Writhing and wriggling

Just as the gears of space and time

Here and now

On Gaia

As her theories reveal

As her truths conceal,

That all of this is real

While all I want is for it to be a dream

Or at least a lesser nightmare

Where all it seems

Is not bleak nor forced

For she and I have not run the course

Of our connection together,

Inalienable and


For she and I together know the truth

That sometimes the wheels must be greased

The gears timing increased and my mind

To cease

From senseless questions

Of some inner invention as

I’m battling myself

She asks why and begs for all three I’s to

Just tighten the bolt.


Written from photo prompt at The Mag. A serious and sensational collection of writers from all over the world. If you haven’t been yet go on over and check it out. You won;t be disappointed. 



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3 responses to “Magpie 109

  1. Tess Kincaid

    Wonderful…I love love love the last line…

  2. Lovely roundabout convoluted poem that fits so well with this enigmatic photo … brilliant.

  3. I enjoyed reading your poem, Sender. Very introspective and fun. Thank you for sharing. =D

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