Muse’s Fire

Oh for a Muse of fire,

Shakespeare was right,


She that has now ascended my consciousness

And is now inadvertently finding Her sacred way

Like water

Deep inside the part of my mind that so few get to see,

Without boundary or walls,

Or equivocation,

Nakedly exposed and standing at the ready,

A full and unexplainable openness

One I have not allowed in years,

Revealed for her completely

Best of all,

She that has amused my greatest beguilements

Has no idea at all

And perhaps it is better that way,

At least for now,

Muse from afar,

Exciting my susceptibilities

Such that I want to be touched by the flame

That so obviously resides inside those eyes,

Burning inside me creations fuel,

Divine inspiration

For surely She is divine

As my Mistresses confirm,

Destiny and Fate whispering sweet everythings in my ear,

Though I am but a lowly servant to these words that She stirs

And how does She stir me,

Humbled I am ready to see where we go from here,

Her eyes illuminating my purpose

Daring me and calling me out

For tangled wordplay,

Plans best laid though unnecessary

As perhaps in one majestic moment in time

Cuddling an ever present desire

To be who I have always been

Revealed in these words,

Her words,

Muse of Fire,

Burning deep within,




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2 responses to “Muse’s Fire

  1. enjoyed this. ‘tangled wordplay’ is fabulous phrasing.

    nice blog. I’ll be back 🙂

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