Pity – Mag 11o


She was not a dystopian Alice,
Opposite in almost every way,
Save the negative attitude and outlook,
And this was not the looking glass,
This mirror reflected her inner reflections back to her,
Compounding them,
Magnifying them
For further consideration
Opening her mind
Yet stunting her growth,
For her mind was not open,
The truth,
Plain to see,
As obvious as the nose on her face,
But she was not in the mood,
She was not and would not be backed into a corner,
By any consideration that was contrary to her thoughts,
Her thoughts and nothing more,
No regard for others or the world around her,
Did not have the time or inclination
To study her past transgressions
As they bothered her not,
In touch with the three faces she presents,
All fake, empty and ever changing,
The irony of it all
She could have looked out the window and
Discovered more in one breath,
Than in a lifetime staring at the mirror,
With the nose(s) on her face,
Waiting for answers that will
Never come,



Written from photo prompt at The Mag. A serious and sensational collection of writers from all over the world. If you haven’t been yet go on over and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.



March 25, 2012 · 6:41 pm

8 responses to “Pity – Mag 11o

  1. acadianeire

    Nice work! Love that “nose(s) on her face” to finish it.

  2. Tess Kincaid

    I like how you describe her as opposite of Lewis Carroll’s Alice…nice write sender…I, too, like “nose(s)” at the end…

  3. i wrote about answer at will come!! that’s funny


  4. she could have looked out the window sounds so good to me…thoughtful…

  5. Three faces, all fake – interesting…

  6. Bill Jango

    Fascinated by the mirror and yet indifferent to it, i love paradox!

  7. hypercryptical

    I would echo Bills thoughts above. Excellent write!

    Anna :o]

  8. A lovely circle around –

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