That Blessed Dance

Left to my own devices
I would wallow in your beauty
From now until the end of time,
Or is it the beginning of time?
For I
See something inside of you,
True spirited beauty,
The only type I long for,
That certain thing which cannot be explained,
Inquisitive and attractive,
Resilient yet calm
And a wisdom beyond your years,
Written on your face
For any that can truly see,
And oh my how do I see,
Plain as a spring breeze,
A blossoming flower
Or a hummingbird in flight.
Muse you have come to me,
As always,
Through blessed Lady Serendipity
Who so often touches my life,
Graced as I am,
By the Mistresses of her instruction,
Destiny and Fate,
Brought to this moment,
To me,
That I might celebrate all that you are,
All that you have been and all that you will become,
Would you like this dance?
What an affair it will be,
Immortalized for the world to see
In words that will never be adequate
But I will die trying,
And it will be my greatest pleasure
To find new words,
Phrases and expressions,
That will attempt to capture what can never be captured,
Can it?
For that something is both tangible
And intangible,
Though I promise you this
I will die trying,
Left to my own devices
I will celebrate you and all that you are,
Faults and all,
Will you let me?
Shall I slide into your subconscious as you have mine?
Or will I praise from afar,
Leaving the world to wonder,
Just who you are,
Hallowed Muse.



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