Love Vanquishes Everything

It’s been several years since I’ve written of love
And all things in between,
The pitter patter of a syncopated rhythm,
Echoed by the endless key clapping well into the night,
Fingers like angels confirming what I already know,
While invisible gods, benevolent and malevolent laugh
At my best laid plans,
For these words bear witness,
Line after line,
A soul
Searching for the perfect expression,
For you,
Over those years I had become,
Cold, unsure and definitely not open,
To love,
Insisting that I had to protect this fragile heart,
Made fragile by ripe cancellation,
When I thought a lifetime we would share,
Like a sick April Fools Joke,
Me the fool,
Kicking me while I was down
And then walking out that door,
This fragile heart,
Now wavering,
Perhaps it is time,
I can no longer wait,
Sidelined by the past,
When all I want is a future,
With love and happiness,
It’s all I’ve ever craved,
From the tips of my toes
To the very ends of my hair,
Every firing synapse
To every syncopated beat,
Every inch of me made for it,
Built for love,
So now,
I reappraise the past and this fragile heart,
Smiling in your general direction,
Will you take my hand
If not forever then for a day,
Healing this fragile heart
With your tender smile,
Will you walk with me,
Into paradise made for two?
Struggle though it may be,
I can’t help it,
I’m built for love and love,
Love vanquishes everything,
At least for me.



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