My Voices

I didn’t ask for this life,
I did not proclaim without cause,
That this Warrior Poet will fight,
Like a rebel,
I will stand defiant,
To the dichotomies that seem obvious to me,
That of love and fear,
Fool and genius,
Mad and sane,
I will admit,
That I am this side of crazy,
The good kind,
I will stand tall,
Mandated by the voices in my head,
The projections of my mind,
Those are not so much delusion,
As illusion and allusion.

I didn’t ask for this life,
It happened upon me one day,
Somewhere between a paradigm shift,
Of my own mental chemistry,
And an overwhelming sense of purpose,
That went unheeded for far too long,
Far too long,
Thus ripening the discord of this fractured mind,
Again the dichotomies herein to I,
And I and I,
As staring into the shards of me,
I find reflected,
My mission laid plain before me.

I didn’t ask for this life,
I didn’t ask to be taunted,
At times haunted,
By the voices present in my head,
I didn’t ask for the Ether,
To tap me on the shoulder daily,
I didn’t ask for the guardians of my own ascent,
Ladies and Mistresses Serendipity, Fate and Destiny,
To imbue in me words from out of nowhere,
Arriving here,
For you,
For me,
To write,
As I didn’t ask for this life,
But I must do with it what I can,
Defined by me,
And I will accept the challenge,
Of my own aspirations,
As directed,
By the Ether and my voices.




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3 responses to “My Voices

  1. Oh. Its been a while since last time I’ve been here. Great poem that inspired me.

  2. Missed being here. Just awesome!! X

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