I Can Make You Love Me…

I can make you love me,
I’ve written and said it before,
I can make you love me,
And I think I want to
But scared I think,
Should I?
Of paramount concern these two souls colliding,
Like the atoms that caused the big bang,
Finding in another being
That certain unexplainable yet inextricable piece of
Something unexpected,
Something so expansive that it eludes understanding
And expectation,
The vaunted redemption of solitude
Undone by the smashing serenity of revelation
That so often presents itself only to be crushed by
Bad timing or some ludicrous preference that in the end
Means nothing at all
As with time that admission the position is clear,
Lets off together to wonderful world of
Our fanciful creations,
Lets create our Great Hall, marbled floor and
Lets dance inside each others souls gracefully
Pulling each other ever nearer to that remarkable oblivion
Called true love
Where anything and everything is possible,
Desirable and liberating,
Lets tickle that part of our minds reserved for only we,
Deftly moving from radiating brilliance to the startlingly mundane,
How do I wish to soak in the every minute of a lifetime of the mundane
As I’ve imagined
A billion times or more,
More I think,
Infinitely consumed by the knowledge that when I find you
And I will find you,
A lifetime won’t be long enough for a love like ours
To find its full potential,
Though the course is plain
And the desire is pure,
I can make you love me,
But the question remains,
Should I?



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