You are cordially invited… And how do I beseech you,
I crave the unimpeded attention of your body and mind,
Your mind the infinite play land of our appeal,
Your body,
Every curve,
An invitation to surreal compromise,
Between reason and passion,
You know which I prefer,
And I will unconditionally surrender to,
In this heartfelt plea,
I hope that you can feel the yearning,
Of these words,
Sensing that my greatest design,
Is your greatest pleasure,
For I am tireless in the pursuit of an ecstasy,
You will not soon forget.
I crave the unimpeded affection,
Of your body,
Revealing to me the blessed arcs and lines,
The small of your back,
The nape of your neck,
Earlobe and throat,
Your frenulum,
All your body,
Entitled to my every consideration,
I pang for you to wriggle and writhe,
Your body as my canvas,
Allows dalliances such that you have never conceived,
Nor have I,
Though I long for that eureka moment,
As I,
Long to stroke and touch every inch of you,
Delivering a tour de force,
Rembrandt meeting Picasso,
Da Vinci’s anatomical treasures,
Realized on your awaiting flesh,
Seared into your consciousness and liberating your soul.
I crave with you,
The sensual,
A detailed and purposeful appreciation,
Of body and mind,
Allowing your temptations,
To become my every dedication,
A veritable devotion,
To now,
To this moment,
To you…
I crave to watch your body,
Pressed against mine,
And snarled,
Each kiss a lightning bolt of inspiration,
Leading down a road of increasing zeal,
Comforted in each others surrender,
I crave,
To be,
With you.


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One response to “R.S.V.P.

  1. wysteria

    Well, I felt like a vouyer…however, such beautiful words , thoughts, and desires. So wonderfully painted visually, that anyone would long to read something written special only for them. I, am, jealous.. lol


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