Kafka’s Medications… Mag 111


He was unsure
how the mud got all over him and
he’d forgotten where his shoes were,
sobbing as he was,
nestled inside the expanding nest,
he thought of Gregor, Dung Beetles and
The Hunger Artist
Wondering if Kafka had ever found himself in a nest
after a night on the town or
taking his meds,
a light went off,
I need my meds,
I haven’t taken my meds,
this nest doesn’t even exist and finally
there are my shoes,
with that he stopped sobbing,
went to the counter,
took his meds
and the nest went away,
though not the thoughts about Kafka.


Written from photo prompt at The Mag. If you haven’t checked this eclectic group of writers out yet. You should. They’re great!



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7 responses to “Kafka’s Medications… Mag 111

  1. Tess Kincaid

    Sometimes I’m not sure how the mud gets all over me…and I can’t find my shoes…

  2. it is amazing what those meds will or will not do…ha….a night on the town could just have some interesting effects you know…

  3. hypercryptical

    Taking his meds was a wise thing to do!

    Anna :o]

  4. well done….thanks for sharing your words

  5. Helen

    Combining Kafka and the image ~ intriguing. One of my favorites this week.

  6. “and the nest went away,
    though not the thoughts about Kafka.”

    Love the ending.

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