When You Arrive…

When you arrive I will be ready for you,
But nonetheless you’ll know where I am,
As those who have come before you,
And perhaps those that come after will attest,
My love is unlike any love you will ever experience,
For I believe in a love,
Not of fairy tales,
And beautiful romance novels,
My love is rooted in something far more powerful than those,
Rooted in my belief that love,
Real love,
Can overcome any obstacle,
Can rise to any challenge,
Real love uplifts,
Will sing in the sun,
And dance in the rain,
When you arrive I will be ready for you.
Who you are,
What you look like,
Both unknown to me,
But I would sooner make love in a conversation,
Please let us make love in conversation,
Rather than only your body,
As your mind is what I will value most,
Endless conversations about whatever your heart desires,
Our hearts desire,
Profound yet funny,
Real yet tragic,
Whatever the case may be,
Though I can and do assure you, in advance,
You will get all of me,
Fully and without interruption,
(At times you may not like this)
For in those moments,
That love is speaking,
We are speaking,
You are the only one in the world that matters,
In that moment,
When you arrive I will be ready for you.
When you arrive,
I can assure you,
That I will place you on a pedestal,
One that you deserve,
Not because I praise you,
But instead because I adore you,
I admire you,
My love comes replete with a passion you’ve never felt,
And if you have,
Seldom at best,
For you will be the one that finally understands,
What so few have,
That what and who I am,
Rooted in the firm belief of me,
Holds dear to the concept,
That love is the greatest gift we will ever know,
When you arrive I will be ready for you.
Love is more than gentle and sweet,
It can be stark and unnerving,
It can be wild and unsettling,
It is innocent and pure,
Real love,
The love that I will offer you,
The love that I am,
Until the end of my days,
Is all I have ever wanted to know,
All I wish,
Is a love requited,
Unconditional and with sweet surrender,
My love,
Is resplendent,
Fully enchanted and deeply reflective,
My love,
My philosophy of love,
The reality of my love,
Is that you will know,
What life is about,
For life,
For loving,
Thoughtful and intense,
Sublime and surreal,
Filled with risk,
And reaping rewards,
My love,
Is yours,
And I hope,
When you arrive,
I will be ready for you.


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One response to “When You Arrive…

  1. so wonderful. full of emotion. the story of a love waiting to be fulfilled. brilliant.

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