Will You

Will you let me,
As I feel that it would be sublime,
Will you,
Allow me the freedom,
To delve into your subconscious,
That I may swim with your unspoken desires,
Plunge into the careful caress,
The elegant secrets of tender sentiment,
Will you,
Allow me the luxury,
Of seeking to answer your deepest designs,
Let me reside within your misunderstood revelations,
That together we may unlock the earthly riddle,
Our temptation and want unrestrained,
Will you let me,
Jump inside your mind purposely,
Recklessly tickling what even you yourself,
Cannot comprehend,
That place within you, that you guard intensely,
May I entreat you to surrender?
To that which you consciously fight against,
Will you let my rallying cry,
Be the key that unlocks your inhibitions,
Will you allow me,
The luxury of disarming your greatest objections,
That forward intentions might be our court,
Grander than Louis XIV’s,
And I your jester,
Daily alighting in you sensations that you never thought possible,
Will you let me,
Will you,
Allow me the time,
To lead you to a life unrestrained,
Nothing conventional about that, which I plead,
For I shirk convention,
And I stand tall,
That if you allow me that freedom,
To dive head first into you’re subconscious,
I am certain,
That you will discover a pleasure beyond anything yet known,
As we decide,
That what this is,
Is right,
And it might,
It just may be,
The exacting passion that has always been,
But never explored,
So will you let me?


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