The Universe Beckons

In the restless solitude of this languid soul,
I scream out,
Violently to the stars,
Hear me damn you, 
Hear me,
And then in a moment of infinite delight,
It screams back at me,
You fool,
The question needed asking,
The begging needed to be pure,
Before you surrendered and allowed the veracity of your gift,
To manifest,
You fool,
As you endure,
I will unleash in kind,
A force in you,
That even you did not know was there,
You fool,
I will give to you all you’ve asked and more,
Now that you have given away,
All there is to give.

The universe then beckons like a mother a child,
Placing the stars around me,
Alignments unclear at first,
Until when fully enveloped,
I forgive myself trespasses,
And sweetly the scent of hope,
As pure as untouched snow,
Or that faint odour of your first loves hair,
Allows joy to crawl from the deepest pit of I and I,
If only for a moment,
You fool,
Let go,
Why are you hanging on to that, which tortures you?
Whispers soft and sublime still singing,
As the peculiar oddities of the brightest invention,
Fall before my eyes,
As I shudder to think,
All I had do was let go,
Of what was never I to begin with.

And then,
With the veracity of the question realized,
The universe claims I,
As its latest prince,
Worthy of the gift of life,
And more importantly,
A love requited,
Bequeathed unequivocally and without condition,
As I now realize,
That in order to shine,
In order to become one,
All the stars align, 
As sirens sing a song,
That long I have sought,
But was not yet privileged to hear,
Until I gave in,
In a moment of dire need,
And the stars rejoice,
As the ancients reveal their wisdom,
With sage like fortitude,
And now,
I too will whisper,
In many thanks,
For love.



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