One Look

With one look of your eyes,
One peering glance,
You break through the chain male armor,
Of a soul that longed for you,
Prayed for you,
Dreamed of you,
With every adult fiber of my being,
Considering virtue,
Fostered by an unshakable faith,
An unprecedented belief,
In the power which understood,
Acknowledged and revealed,
The infinite wisdom,
Of love requited unconditional,
On a foundation,
Of daily discovery and affirmation,
Angelic grace,
Through virtue understated,
By you,
In the revealing reflections,
Of your eyes,
The universe unfolding,
One atom at a time,
By promise,
And the realization of potential,
On wings only visible,
By those that truly see,
Through something even they cant explain,
You have come,
And with the grace of the tooth fairy,
My pillow,
Every morning,
Has born the just reward,
For the daring,
The curious,
The scared,
Who can believe,
In the sacred power,
Of a divine trust,
Wisdom in the revelation of this song,
That glorious song,
All lovers hear,
At the smack of the soul,
Manifested by the lips,
Thank you sage,
Best friend, confidant and every day more,
For unleashing,
Virtues eternal curiosity,



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