Muse (ings)

If you were a trumpet,
I’d have to be Louis,
or Diz,
or Miles,
A sax
perhaps Byrd
or Coltrane,
A piano
lets say Liberace,
or even Elton John.
The guitar,
perhaps Santana
or Slash,
Dave Matthews
or Emmit Ray,
perhaps if I might be so bold Emmit Brown or was it Ray,
nonetheless I’m sure this picture has been painted.
Like all those greats and all in between you called out to me from across the universe
and I had no choice but to listen –
So with my lips abuzz I will blow,
with my fingers I will pluck or tickle,
for you truly are the instrument of all my dreams
from which the most beautiful sounds of creativity flow.
You are my MUSE!



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