Your Smile Lingers

Your smile lingers,
Like a kiss I’m yet to know,
But have imagined a million times or more,
As ancient gods and goddesses begin anew,
Their intent,
A blessed march,
Leaving marks indelible,
Somewhere between here and now,
And there and when,
Somehow, the heavens opened up,
And here we go,
Passionate remembrances uncharted,
Inserted into our subconscious,
Ruminations of far flung considerations,
Delicious sensual appreciations,
Those seem less distant,
Less obscure,
Whenever we speak,
Dalliances into surreal temptations,
Those gone unsaid,
Unneeded words,
As your smile reveals all,
My surrender,
Palpable, while you trace your designs,
And at the ready, I anxiously await,
Memories of you that flood my mind,
Distant and as yet created impressions,
Such that the picture painted is yet complete,
And worth much more than a thousand words,
As two dreamers with nothing to lose,
Come together,
As precious and inspiring Muse,
As wayward warrior poet,
Both fighting to find a way,
Mutually and beautifully resigned to accept the presence of another,
Caution thrown to the wind,
Rhyme and reason cast aside,
While sublime passions shared,
Reveals something dear,
Something just beyond the patina of the recognizable,
A daring escapade into the unknown,
A willingness to explore the possible,
A desire to understand the plausible,
A destiny to…
Who can say?


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