Chosen Light

I have to believe,
As in nothing I have ever before,
Save love,
Save you,
My time will come,
Maybe not tomorrow,
Maybe not next week or next year,
But it will come,
The agonizing trepidation of this soul,
Trembling from passions zeal,
A Warrior Poet,
Dressed in my ancestors pain,
Feeling with an empathy seldom experienced,
A surreal pain,
That paints my fears in tones of Dali,
Pollock and Klimt,
Spotlights my own acquiescence,
To relinquish who and what I am,
For nothing more than a dream,
A distant and tepid vision, cruelly holding me down,
But for you,
I will rise,
I will shine,
For as partners in intention you must,
Peer deep within your own reality,
And you will see,
That this has always been true,
My relentless pursuit to make this world a better place,
Fruitless despite countless attempts,
Those that left me empty,
Thirsty to ascend to my calling,
Unfettered and unending inclination to take from the world,
From you,
All that spoils of the fruit of your aspirations,
That I may transmit it,
Through my chosen light,
To the furthest reaches of your consciousness,
Far beyond the realms of space and time,
That I may touch your bosom,
Releasing you,
That I too may be realized,
In that moment,
Through that cry,
The human condition begging for more,
Without knowing how or why,
For I have been touched by Angels,
Consistently argued with the voices in my head,
Been witness to the exhalation of exhausted ambition,
Only to discover,
That I am the worker of my own discontent,
Because of this ripe anguish that I have always known,
Embracing it as I do a lover,
Acknowledging it as I did you,
So while I know that now, here and now,
I may not be what you expect,
What you had dreamed,
Or perhaps just supposed,
But when I remember the touch,
That blessed touch,
That so easily put me at ease,
I remember,
The innate qualities in me,
That drew you and the world near,
My time may not come now,
Next week, next month or year,
But I will shine,
Being who I need to be,
Chosen light,
For all the world to see.


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