And I Submit…

Even now,
As I sit here,
Caught rapt by an affection,
Replete with over active imagination,
And thoughts that need not be analyzed,
Only explored and felt,
I contemplate exactly how the neurons firing,
And chemicals colliding,
Produced an event that would catalyze,
Something that neither of us could put our fingers on,
And that poets, lovers, muse and science since time immemorial have tried to explain,
To no avail,
Something that both of us acknowledged,
Almost fanciful,
Lovesick teenagers,
Definitely mystical,
As baited breath held,
Until again I can wallow in your elegant poise,
As I discover anew,
Everything happens for a reason,
The whimsical advance,
Now my drug of choice,
Retreating into you,
Advancing into life,
As a junkie does their first joint or drink,
Now my drug of choice,
That leaves me high on another plain,
Transported to a place so very far from here,
A place that remains nameless,
So long as you are near,
The very thought of you,
Exhausting my mind,
With limitless potentials,
Weak from this latest progressive infatuation,
Not knowing where the road leads,
Yet ready to discover,
That though I’ve tired of being burned by passions bright spark,
Of invention,
I refuse to believe,
Any longer,
That I don’t deserve the happiness that you provide,
Without effort,
Without even knowing that you’re doing it,
Save that I write these words,
Those become inessential,
When our mouths collide,
Swollen lips,
Endearing kisses,
Temporal and spiritual,
In this new advance,
Toward you,
Toward life,
Toward a future now seemingly immured,
By the gentle grip,
Of your endearing spirit,
And I submit…


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