The Passion That Is… Me!

Slave to a senseless deception,
Personal and societal (though possibly imagined)
That said I was not allowed to be me,
That I was not good enough,
Strong enough,
Good looking enough,
Smart enough,
Talented enough,
I and I and I,
Less than enough,
Striving for the unattainable,
Feel me,
Know this,
And for what,
What’s the point,
So I slough off the chains that have held me,
Jobs that could never live up to my potential,
(again a prison cell that I confront daily)
for I do not fit neatly into your world,
and believe me,
should you open your eyes,
the world is yours.
An awakening,
A sullen face,
That leads to a joyous reappraisal,
Of my life,
Slave to that which I always should have been,
These words,
Though I am more master than slave,
Save that if I do not write,
I and I and I are thrust into a danger zone,
Where my coherent thoughts,
Become muddled, muddied, morose and miserable,
Blackmailed by my own thoughts,
So I write,
Master and slave,
Knowing that this struggle,
Is the standard by which I measure my own worth,
What am I worth?
What am I worth?
Not in dollars or cents,
But in words and sentences,
A robber baron of words,
Like Carnegie,
Giving back the only way I know how,
My endowment to you,
To this earth,
To society as a whole.
I had lain underdeveloped,
Surrendering to compromise,
Settling into positions and worlds,
That I had no place being,
Save survival,
Until there came a point in time,
That survival,
Had more to do with these words,
Than any of you can ever be aware,
Dressing myself down,
Dressing myself down,
For what and for who,
Reality calling;
These words love you,
No need to pretend,
No need to bear false witness,
As you love these words,
And in them,
Lay your salvation,
My salvation,
I and I and I,
Now assured,
That I need not compare,
For it is okay for me to be me,
The new standard of me,
Measured against me,
And these words,
Finding real.
Slave to my passion,
I can no longer be contented,
From you,
From these words,
From me,
Beyond compare,
Beyond compare.,
The new standard of I,
And I and I,
The passion,
That plainly is,


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