Love’s Resume

Love’s Resume
An Open Letter to Love (Wherever and Whoever You Are)
Whoever you are know this;
I have loved you since the day I was born. My every thought is of you and the love that we already share – though neither of us knows it.
In the spirit of honesty and openness I thought you should know;
I don’t have a job. (Nor do I want or believe that I can hold one – I am done playing that game)
I am a writer and always have been.
Though for years I ran from this truth as I wasn’t prepared to play the game I had to play in order to be one. However, I have written for advertisers, politicians, corporations and even some magazines.  (I didn’t like nor respect the strings or hoops I had to jump through)
That being said as a writer it is important for you to know;
I hear voices (lots of them including Hemingway, The Fitzgerald’s, Whitman, Shakespeare and more)
I am temperamental and can at times have a short fuse
I attend my shrink like others attend church trying to unlock the secrets of my madness
I take pills, several of them, in an attempt to exist (the alternative would prevent our meeting and falling in love)
I drink (no excuse offered though I can tell you it is far less than I use to)
I live life to the fullest and record it dutifully (for when I am gone my words will live on)
I can and do write on anything for several hours a day and it is all that keeps me sane
I think of you so much you’d laugh
I write about you so much you’ll cry
I am imperfect
I have a beard at present and may at points in my life feel it necessary to have one (to protect me – more on that later)
I pang for the perfect sentence…
So yes, I am a writer and there is no question you MUST love me for this or it will never work.
I don’t have a penny to my name. (Well maybe a few and I can give you my two cents worth on this one if you would like)  Again this being said it is important for you to note;
Money does not make the world go round. Love does.  ONLY LOVE.
Money is necessary to live and for nothing more.
I will never hold a job again.
I am already the wealthiest man in the world because I am choosing to live this life the way that I see fit not by some arcane and asinine rules that do nothing to enrich my life or give it meaning.
I have no want of material things save the computer I am now typing on, a few changes of clothes and food.
I have no desire to live in a mansion or own a Ferrari.
I have no desire to live in a city. Though I could live close.
I seek life, daily, responding to the little intricacies that others fail to see.
The outlined above is an indication of the things I think you should know that are negative. What follows is self explanatory.
My name is Sender,
I have loved three women,
I have been the world over in search of requited love,
I am thirty five,
I am highly educated and in great shape,
I am the third of eight children,
I want a family,
(though I fear that I may not have one now)
I want a wife
(a lover that I can call home)
I want a home
(though I know not whether it will be in North America  or anywhere else
as I travel with the winds that guide me to you)
I want to travel constantly,
I still have at least twenty plays, three books, six movies and tens of thousands of poems to write,
I am intelligent, kind, caring, loyal, compassionate, empathetic, romantic,
a big softy with a gruff exterior,
I am an attentive and passionate lover,
I am assured that I am a great kisser,
I love to cook and long to cook for you (trained in classical French and self taught in cuisines around the world)
I will always give you the best of me,
I am giving to a fault (this has gotten me in trouble with all three previous lovers)
Offer great advice,
Offer you a sanctuary without judgment,
Always tell you the truth (sometimes believe me you won’t like this)
I will always show up,
I long for you…
If only I knew who you were…
Do you?


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One response to “Love’s Resume

  1. wysteria

    I read all your writings, daily. For a few years to be exact. I have come to “know” some of you. I have laughed at those little things, pondered, eas enlightened and even on ocassion became a little teary eyed. With all that said…………

    I have never read a more honest wririting from someone. My own lovers have never been as honest.

    You are such a free, but, needful and love-longing person. I wish we could be friends so we could talk for hours over a cheap bottle of wine. You have amazing stories, knowledge beyond my comprehension and though you call yourself ” Sender” i see you as “Seeker”.

    This was not a love letter. It was an honest look at the man in the mirror. More people should take a REAL look at themselves and reveal their faults and amazing qualities.

    You deserve who you search for. I know she is out there. Who could not love that beautiful mind who writes with such amazing honesty.


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