Reason Be Our Guide? I think NOT

There is no reason…
Let reason no longer be our guide,
For it has steered us wrong,
Directing us down the path most taken,
Rather than the more righteous and rewarding path,
That leads us to sublime and infinite delights,
Passion and requited love,
For there is no reason,
None at all,
Only rhyme,
Only the suffering of logic,
Inspired by meandering fools,
Of ignorance’s suggestion,
Reason be not enough,
Supplanting the torture of a wounded heart,
Reason be not kind,
When love has given way to comfort,
And comfort has given way to decay,
The once sweet aroma of true bliss,
Given way because of reason,
To a resistant strain of manifest destiny,
Reason be not enough,
To uplift,
To inspire,
To require a deeper and divinely rich appreciation of love,
No reason be not kind,
To the lover poet,
Warrior of words,
Who herein bestows truth,
Free from reason,
In spite of logic,
Herein requires that you abandon reason,
Claiming from reason that which is yours,
Feelings and emotions,
The only true human reward,
Both pain and suffering,
Sorrow and ecstasy,
Free from the glare of that impossible urge,
To analyze,
To dull,
To squash those, which reason need, not interfere,
Nor are reasons sought,
Let reason no longer be our guide,
For there is no reason,
None at all,
And should you fall prey,
Become victim of reason in matters of the heart,
I can assure you,
That logic dictates,
That love will fade into insignificance,
For in matters of the heart,
Reason can not supplant passion,
And passion is not logical,
Let it reach the furthest corners of this earth,
Shout it from the mountain tops,
Express it on every corner in every city on earth,
Where love exists,
Reason be prisoner to passion,
And as guard passion will guide the way to whole feelings,
And that,
Is the greatest gift we will ever know,
Should we figure it out…


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