Peter Pan, I am !

Peter Pan,
I am,
“So come with me, where dreams are born,
and time is never planned.
Just think of happy things,
 and your heart will fly on wings,
forever, in Never Never Land!”
In search of that new land,
Where wonder can meet wisdom,
Where insight can meet ignorance,
Where my mind can finally inflame my own destiny,
Peter Pan,
I am.
Peter Pan,
I am,
The radical little misfit,
Trying to find my way through this world,
Rife with personal terror and general strife,
Do you think me crazy?
Do you think me mad?
Do you think it silly,
That a supposed grown man,
Should relate to a boy man,
Peter Pan,
I am.
Peter Pan,
I am,
In that I live in a realistic dream,
Of unrealistic design,
That my greatest love and my greatest fear,
Are contained in a single grain of sand,
Every grain of sand,
Though not in Never Land,
Peter Pan,
I am.
Peter Pan,
I am,
I sing the body electric,
I take the road not taken,
I am where the sidewalk ends,
Still I rise,
To you,
I have been touched by an Angel,
And I refuse to go gently into that good night,
For I am a seeker of the truth,
Walking around,
The broken hearted,
For this is a life,
My life,
Peter Pan,
I am.
Peter Pan,
I am,
No longer twenty five,
Nor thirty five,
But only a child,
A lost and wandering child,
In search of you,
In search of you,
And I make no qualms,
For all you need is a little pixie dust,
Peter Pan,
I am.
Peter Pan,
I am,
And all the world’s a stage,
A poison tree,
O Captain, My Captain,
I know why the caged bird signs,
Dream deferred,
No longer,
For I will fly,
I long to fly,
I must fly,
Peter Pan,
I am.


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