Love’s Song

Love’s song,
That beautiful melody,
Of uncharted yet explored inventions,
Mysterious and complex whimsy,
Heard the world round,
Two by two,
Souls unexplained affections,
Those that outstrip reason,
None required,
When two eyes clash wondrously,
Sometimes from across a room,
Other times across a table on a first date,
And still others people that a lifetime have been known,
But not KNOWN,
To each other,
Then a deep enthralling kiss,
One that changes lives forever,
True expression of Cupid’s design,
So powerful and unrelenting,
(not to mention divinely impressive)
It recalls love’s first entrancing moment,
Youthful exuberance,
Blind, not yet aware,
Of the complexities of such splendor,
The electrical charge,
Informing of nature’s role,
When two lips, tongues and bodies collide,
Demanding inelegantly of them,
All that they are,
Good, bad or indifferent,
Opening up oneself,
Freely and without compromise,
Such that usual distortions,
The masks worn by all,
Fall to the wayside,
Scolded by emotion,
Reason leaves,
Allowing chemical actions and reactions,
Between two otherwise uninterested bodies,
Those now share a universal truth,
While interlocked in sweet surrender,
Lounging inside each others insecurity,
Discovering what it means to be truly alive,
To be who and what they are,
Letting loose the howling winds of insecurity,
While in another’s arms,
Feeling the absolute safety of truth,
Honour, trust, hope and the possibility,
For a lifetime,
Of shared illusion,
Captured perfectly,
In the glint of that lovers eyes,
When love’s song,
Is played within.


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