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Wash Over Me…

Wash over me,
Imagined princess,
Of my wildest appeal,
Clean away the stank of my hearts debris,
Wash over me,
And remind me of another time,
When two plus two was equal,
To the square root of the deities compromise,
Fill me with an abiding faith,
As nourishing to the soul,
As to my fragile mind,
Congest my body with subtle temptations,
That alleviating my greatest indiscretions,
Make me whole again,
Impossible you say,
May I please entreat you to try,
Please aid me in this universal enchantment,
By being who you are,
Sealed from a tormented past,
The stone of my manifest destiny,
Rolled up the hill,
As Sisyphus shrugs,
Wash over me,
Take me completely into the recessing void,
Of a tempestuous struggle,
That together,
Hand in hand,
Will unearth the continued survival,
Of warrior poet,
Of undone love,
of enshrined finality that is unquestioned,
And endear the demise,
Of the doppelgangers presence,
In my daily accord,
Rattle me with rapier wit,
Shatter me with the divine invitation,
To your inner workings,
To your awaiting psyche,
And let me play amongst your perfect negations,
That I might find,
That one plus one,
Is the most perfect unison of the infinite,
Wash over me,
Like the Mongol hordes,
That I might step into a new future,
Blending the voices inside of me,
And your spectacle,
That I may finally apply more than a dreadful longing,
Instead captured in your breathless anticipations,
Allow me the blessed retribution,
Of your majestic allure,
Appealing to my greatest insecurities,
That together we may hold court,
I as Jester,
You as Queen,
On a continuum of our mutual advance,
Appraising each step of the way,
The healing power,
Of your boundless representations,
Washing over me,
Around me,
Proving once and for all,
That love is more than the answer,
Love is the question,
The epitome of our existence,
the pinnacle of that for which we strive,
in each others arms,
held  refined where once was raw,
that belittles my greatest understanding,
for without you washing over me,
my world is not upside down,
my world,
interdimensional tyranny,
as I feast on the possibility of your inherent freedom,
the elixir that uplifts me,
my soul,
my heart,
my mind,
passionately requests,
for you to,
Wash Over Me…


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