Arise O Mighty Giant

O mighty giant,
Declare unfit this brooding beast,
My Black Dog,
Eternal enemy of my mental state,
Split psyche,
Persona non grata,
A less than diplomatic struggle,
Fight and fight and fight,
I and I and I,
Supremacy will mine ultimately be .
O Warrior Poet,
Give substance to raw feelings,
Own the pressure and the pain,
Devouring with humble ambition,
(And perhaps a spot of mustard)
That dastardly infantile puppy,
Rue the day,
That dominion was passed,
To that beasts portend,
Of a descending and infernal madness,
Claiming that the I,
Must now become We,
I and I and I,
Until again I can be me.
O mighty giant,
By birthright ram,
Stubborn titan,
Do battle with this Black Dog,
This mental leviathan,
Viciously cruel,
Call upon a virtual regiment,
Grenadiers standing at attention,
To dispose with great malice,
The vicious varmint,
Tormentor of my days,
Haunting specter of my nights,
Plunderer of my sanity,
I will survive.
O mighty giant,
Shatter hopelessness,
With formulas of supreme calculation,
Reveal that determination in spite of challenge,
Is the mental mountain that must be scaled,
And that savage monster,
My Black Dog,
Will in moments lead to hours,
Hours to days,
Days to weeks,
Weeks to months,
And months to years reveal,
The purposed dismissal,
Of my dark mongrel,
With a genuine smile.
O mighty giant,
The Warrior Poet within,
For this conflict requires,
All the strength,
That I can muster,
And I will not be defeated.
O mighty giant,
Warrior Poet.


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