Dreaming of You

Night, moon, stars…

Dreaming of you,
Dreaming of you,
I have dreamt of you,
Every day since the day I was born,
As I now find myself understanding,
While yielding to the forces of the universe,
That everything happens for a reason,
And that reason, sometimes, is the last thing we need,
Under the cover of the evening sky,
Like a thief in the night,
Last night,
Cat burglar of my emotions,
You’ve entered my consciousness,
As a robber a safe,
With utmost ease,
Taken a firm hold,
And pressing it,
Until these words of liquid love,
Flow freely on this page,
As sure as the sky is filled with an endless bounty of stars,
Are you my bounty? Are you my star?
May I be yours?
The less than subtle treat that leaves us both disarmed,
Are you too disarmed?
Shall you directly guide me to the port of my own salvation,
Dreaming of you as I have,
Holding galaxies in my hand,
Each one offered as a present for your presence,
Holding galaxies in my hand,
Like you would handle fruit,
I have seen the future,
I have lived the past,
And in this present,
I am taken for a ride beyond comprehension,
Again the roller coaster of some other worldly design,
Lady Fate and Mistress Destiny,
Offering you to me,
Are they really offering you to me?
Those mysterious forces of the universe revealing all and nothing,
Yet in your smile I can see the furthest reaches of oblivion,
Desiring to fall deeper into that wistful transition,
Dreaming of you,
As I have,
All these millennia,
I now need only wait until the moon again is full,
To alight the passions that so readily await,
One more kiss,
One night of bliss,
Dreaming of you,
As I do,



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