Cosmic Kisses

I know not,
From whence you came,
I dare not tempt my Mistresses Destiny and Fate,
Nor push Lady Serendipity away,
Her touch so deep,
That I am left in awe,
Always finding that she knows me all too well,
As my suspicions rise,
And alarm bells ring,
Like those of slot machines,
Signaling the jackpot of your arrival,
How or why,
Seemingly less important,
Than the here and now,
For with a cosmic kiss,
And souls intent,
You have invaded my intention,
Invited, believing in more than just an idea,
As together we have molded, like clay,
Shaping our mutual needs,
Inflaming our repressed zeal,
Realizations of passion sublime,
Foundations currently being built on rock,
Where before now, seemingly, sand,
Though here you are,
Trickling down from a mental aspiration,
Into a sincere touch that permeates my every thought,
Pondering you,
Far off and away,
Knowing that we are one day closer,
One day closer,
To elevating each other’s supreme desires,
Captured in a notional surrender,
In each others arms,
As so far have been our eyes,
Knowing that the extension of what we’ve discovered,
Is as important as the discovery of the atom,
Or other galaxies,
For certainly,
In that blissful instance,
At that exact time,
Fathoming a presumed lifetime,
As we’ve undressed each other a million times over,
Mentally and spiritual,
Knowing in that instant,
The cosmic kisses of our current reality,
Will become two lips, yours and mine,
In full appreciation of the fact that the best is yet to come,
Starting anew,
With you,
Cosmic kisses made true,
With you,
One day closer!


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