We, Two

My deepest affection,
And hitherto affliction,
A prism hypnotizes reflecting deep within,
What I cannot or will not live without,
The light of love eternal,
Seems preordained to lead me on a path,
Guided by my guardians of this tender heart,
My mistresses of ascent and consent,
Giving pause and permission,
For this soul to once again aspire,
In brilliant manifestations,
The chatoyant propensity,
Of this diamond in the rough, I,
This Warrior Poet must be,
For when those ladies of the cosmos,
Deem the time is right and just,
It is without equivocation,
That my necessary quashing,
In this time of personal exploration,
Will be revealed as the important timing,
Where heart, body and soul,
Unearth a passion yet untold,
Where two souls,
Yours, and mine
Come together as naturally as dovetail,
The sure sign that love is upon we,
For surely the indications are clear,
In the way that two bodies together succumb,
To the rhythmus of another’s being,
Cascading visions of new excitements,
That only two can share,
As knowing that we have finally met,
My syncopated heart will finally be still,
In your arms,
Together, we, in the proverbial grotto of my mind,
Or the realized one in Capri,
As long as you are near, dear as anxiety lapses,
As we, together, united,
Are comforted no longer by an idealized notion,
Those of adolescent fantasy,
But instead a full acceptance and appreciation,
Of what it means to be truly alive,
For life without love,
Is no life at all,
So she that now tickles my desires,
Holds fast and true to the promise of tomorrow,
Lived in each and every moment of this day,
I say unto you,
Behold, these glittering emotions,
As tinsel dresses a Christmas tree,
For truly,
They have brought you, my wondrous ladies,
For some reason,
To me,
Leading me out of this darkness,
Into a world I’ve only imagined,
With a love that has always been just out of reach,
A ripening fondness,
Sickly sweet,
Like a perfect Parisian ganache,
That forever more,
We, two,
Can share.



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  1. Wonderful piece! It moved me.

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