Dare I Ask, Why?

Dare I ask why?
Why must I denounce my souls desire?
Why should anyone be so foolhardy as to deny what is obvious?
When inside this man of life,
Lived full tilt and curious, seeking and searching,
Experience dictates that I must rise up,
In the face of emotional bondage,
Declare just and rightful,
That the tyranny of repression,
Is just a vile and contemptible,
As denying oneself a life beyond measure,
For what is life without someone to share it with,
No life at all,
No, each day we must consume,
Like fresh fruit,
Picked not from the bottom,
Not where it is easy,
For that fruit is a little less ripe,
A little less sweet,
Do I dare to rise above the fray?
To pick my fruit,
From where the light has trickled down,
From one hundred million miles away,
Each day filling this tragic planet with the breathe of life,
Tragic in our miserable repressions,
Instead, we should dance,
Dance with the tiny kisses from light years away,
Answering the universes calling card,
That most nourish the intent of our soul,
That most nourish together passions on fire,
For surely this is the intent of emotional designs,
The misunderstood something that propels us,
Into the arms of another,
This begs the life that we all aspire,
Dare I ask why?
That it be considered sane to deny oneself,
To stand in the way of the muses call,
The luxury of shared experience,
The powers of two souls come together,
That only together,
Can feel the divine,
Can create the divine,
Yes I rise up,
And I declare,
That the tyranny of repression,
Is a scourge upon destiny and fate,
Is the enemy of lovers the world around,
And as Plato an unjust law,
I will not settle for less than I require,
For the universe,
And serendipity,
Can so collide,
So that you are dumbfounded,
If fortune favours it be so,
Once, or twice, perhaps more,
In a big bang,
Repeated around this lonely earth,
Each of us,
Hungry for feelings,
Desirous of a life lived with another,
Desirous of understanding our deepest recesses,
Those parts that no science can explain,
Those parts that make our life worth living at all,
So no,
I dare not,
Stand in contempt of destiny and fate,
Cruel mistresses that have fingers dangled,
Where we choose not where our fruit is found,
But demands,
That when it is,
We reach to the highest point of spiritual understanding,
Discovering in one, whether close or far,
That we may alight,
Passion where there is no reason,
Love where there once was none,
Blessed to know,
From little kisses from the sun,
The fruit of our desires,
Stand up,
With me,
To celebrate the mystery of mystery,



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