Soul; The Uncharted History of Your Future

I beseech you,
Reach within,
Discover the true nature of your soul,
Soar to where you belong,
Take your rightful seat,
At the universal table as portal of self discovery,
Self-esteem and worth,
Allow yourself the luxury,
To determine for yourself,
Free from societal constraint,
Free from the irresistible urge,
To conform,
Repudiate the unsubstantiated claims,
That we all are meant to be cookie cutter citizens,
Just one of the many in the crowd,
Blaze a new trail,
Whereby you aspire to be your own avenger,
Fight back passionately and with every means available,
Take hold of your souls infinite strength and untapped wisdom,
Use it, use it,
Take stock of the future yet decided,
That is the history of your soul,
Create the life you want to live,
Be the you you need to be,
Reveal dramatically the asylum of your stoicism,
And plunge it deep into recesses of you,
Never to be found again,
Find that courage,
Be that conviction,
Alight your soul,
Make love to the solar system,
Kiss the planets,
Dance with distant stars,
Discover the monoplane that is your intention,
Taxi it to the runway of your destiny,
Become your ideal,
Be your ideal,
You are your ideal,
For no manual will you find,
That will help you determine who and what are you,
This is solely within your purview,
No one can tell you what to be,
Who to be,
How to be,
Put yourself on the line,
Throw yourself across it,
Revel in it,
Find joy in the personal revolution,
Be your own revolution,
Hasta La Victoria Siempre,
Relish the you you have always been,
Though now stand triumphant,
At the zenith of your own highest echelon of self awareness,
This is and will be,
The greatest story of your life,
To become the real you.

Do you have that courage?

I think you do…

Personal odyssey as revolution,
To discover,
What has always been,
Just out of reach,
Grasp it,
Take hold,
Be you.



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