A Fleeting Moment

In the somber realization,
That a fleeting moment,
Is just that,
And only a moment,
When our deepest passions,
Become our realized desires,
No God of Love around,
This, as we both know, is merely primal,
Eros indeed,
As we each seek to preserve self,
While giving as much away as we can,
In that fleeting moment.

Launched into an abyss of you,
I feel the burning delight,
Of your fingers,
And mine,
Clasped together,
As lovers would,
Though we are not lovers beyond tonight,
Pure desire,
As we both climax into tomorrow,
Can there be more?

Erudite temptations,
Both master and slave,
Teacher and student,
Our bodies an amusement park,
All amusement parks,
Tempted by the solitary pleasures,
Of a tandem that from the moment our bodies engaged,
Was so surreal,
That it brought me to tears,
She brought me to tears,
You felt my tears,
Wiping them away from not only sight but memory,
Your power over me,
A temptress,
My erudite lover,
In that fleeting moment.

You are my ambrosia,
Do you know that?
The corporeal nectar that I long to sip,
Lap and submerge myself in,
May I submerge in you?
Free my mind,
And yours,
Once more to the heavens of Greek tragedy,
And divine comedy,
No Delphic wisdom to enchant us,
For more than a fleeting moment,
I would beg,
Fall to my knees and scream to Aphrodite,
Let me once more,
Caress her skin,
Soak in her elegant way,
Linger in her tomorrows,
But no,
The moment is gone,
Though our friendship endures,
My Hooded Red.



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One response to “A Fleeting Moment

  1. ghostom

    …yeah, one past fleeting moment
    has had me on-and-off puzzled for years!

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