Love – A Personal Treatise

I believe in love at first sight,
I’ve been lucky enough to know it,

I believe that not a single word must be spoken,
For there are levels of communication,
That even our brightest minds cannot fathom.

I believe that from across a room or an ocean, you know,
Perhaps its atoms smashing, chemicals reacting, or some great unknown,
But it is real and with the right circumstances, you’ll know in an instant.

I believe that in that instant everything changes,
Neurons fire, endorphins emit untold scents,
And primal reactions are plain violating the laws of nature itself.

I believe that two souls, drawn together, mating, is the purpose of our lives,
To share experiences, through good and bad,
To uplift another with precious intent,
To share in every moment, the minutiae and the grand affairs.

I believe that the supposed romanticized ideal of which I write, constantly,
Should be that love, for which we all strive,
A romance that is played out daily,
As equal partners in a life long journey,
With no destination in sight.

I believe in love,
Despite my soured experience,
But my love is not confined by the limitations of past surrender,
Rather is inspired by the potentiality of you,
Whoever you are.

I believe that the greatest gift we’ll ever know,
Is the deep and penetrating caress as two lovers eyes meet,
Drawing in to a personal universe,
Creating a divined spark of inspiration,
One that reaches so far within,
It feels as if they are physically touching your heart,
Stroking and protecting it.

I believe in love,
I believe in the daily pursuit of romance,
For that special one,
Your one true love,
Knowing as I do,
That whether it be days, weeks, months or years,
She will understand me,
And I will understand her,
Because of love.



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