Quantum Mechanics of Love

The quantum mechanics of love,
Are easily,
The most complex and misunderstood,
The most intelligent have not solved it,
The most insightful can not quite grasp,
There is no rhyme or reason,
We try to explain, dissect and comprehend,
The incomprehensible,
Of all human mysteries,
I often wonder,
How in one minute,
A chemical attraction,
Firing across a room,
Any room,
On any day and time,
Can lead two otherwise unaware souls,
To a life imagined,
Love and marriage,
White picket fence,
And a dog named spot,
Filled with the splendor of enflamed passions,
In just one moment,
Two pairs of eyes can meet,
And the attraction,
Instantaneously propels them to another place,
Where only love,
Can provide the answers,
Will provide the answers,
LOVE is the answer,
And in that one blessed moment,
Of universal clarity,
The serendipitous becomes plain for all the world to see,
For surely,
If two lovers,
Those meet and greet under such conditions
(as all lovers do),
fail to see the blessed gift that stands before them,
it would lead to the collapse of the infinite,
for the rules of the cosmos,
require the bright flame of love,
to sustain our daily sufferings,
to counteract pain with joy,
sorrow with laughter,
longing with a kiss,
a sweet kiss,
the surrender of the rational,
for the more esoteric,
an effusive desire,
that takes hold and won’t let go,
the quantum mechanics of love,
are the secrets,
Those refuse to relinquish their truths,
save for when boy meets girl,
boy meets boy, girl meets girl,
or girl meets boy.

Would you like to meet,
The other side of Jupiter,
Table for two,


Destiny awaits!



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