Do My Words Fool You?

Do my words fool you?

Are you hoodwinked by this strength,
That these words seem to express,
I assure you,
I am weak,
And rotting from the inside out…

The festering demise and demolition,
Of a love so rare that it is the fodder of all poets,
Who all now weep that we are done,
Proving that no true love can end well,
Myself included,
That now I belittle my own sadness,
In a vain attempt to convince you,

That I am strong.

Are you taken aback,
That I am willing to express the truth,
That I feel violated,
Admonished and tossed aside,
Like a half eaten cheeseburger,
Or children and a forgotten favourite toy,
Though I am not a toy,
And I assume I cannot be forgotten.

Are you shocked,
By my admission,
That in this betrayal,
I am utterly devastated,
That I am weak and wanting,
Desirous of nothing but one more kiss,
Just one more,

One more…

Do my words fool you,
When you think I have gathered strength,
For a few days,
Or perhaps a few moments,
Where my thoughts can drift,
To something other than you,
Do these words trap you in the belief,
That I am okay,
That I am surviving,
Though you ripped my heart right from my chest,
Through my throat,
And now I am suffocating,
On life as I know it without you…

I miss…

The way your eyes commanded that I love you (transfixed to be sure)
The way your smile could brighten the sun,
How you could make me babble like an idiot,
Force me to watch movies that I would eventually love,
Allow me to make you countless gourmet meals (as now I tend to eat alone)
How your fingers burned my skin when we caressed,
How your body seemed to be my natural fit,
The way that we would keep love alive (though distance separated us),
Laughing at the silly things we would say,
Infinite the things I miss,
But none more…

Than the way you say my name…



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