Champion Liege

Since my Alpha,
A collision course has been set,
A blueprint to which we all aspire,
For without such,
Life is not life at all,
But a race to the dying,
Though, herein demonstrates,
Despite obvious challenges,
I am living, daily, life,
Love, my champion liege,
I, herein am dreaming,
The impossible dream.

The big bang of all human experience,
Is obvious,
Love is primal,
The desire for it is innate,
Hardwired into humans,
And other species alike,
Dare I say love is the most powerful,
Evocative and sublime of our feelings,
A treasure we always hold dear,
Preserving passions pleas.

Loves processes are as mysterious,
As the universe itself,
As glorious as the flapping of a hummingbird’s wings,
Or the ebb and flow of tides connection to the moon,
The rays of passion resplendent,
Far brighter than the sun,
And more warming to the soul,
It’s power and presence so important,
Alighting in we a beatific guide and companion,
Meaning and depth found in the delicate dance,

Love, true love,
Of such great importance,
That it is possible for we to die,
From a broken heart,
As in death so too does hope pass on,
The will to persevere without love true,
Instantly eviscerated,
As the decay of our very essence,
Starts its slow march to oblivion,
For a life without love,
Is no life at all,
Just a journey from birth to death,
Though true love,
Never dies,
Until that is,
My Omega,
For I am love.



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