Tuatha Dé Danann

New meanings developed,
For both Irish brogue and brood,
Just a stranger to myself,
Seizing on these moments to discover anew,
What and who I am,
A common theme of my mental dislodging,
As I crave the attention of love,
For what and who I am,
Is an extension of that attention,
My affection for love,
Whispered to me across a vast divide,
Interwoven with the fabric of time,
For I am as timeless as the earth itself,
My energies,
Like my mind,
My energies constantly dividing,
Into a half life of birth,
Death and rebirth,
Sent back to remind the struggling lost,
That love can and will be the answer,
Can I really live without you?

New meanings developed,
For this Irish lad,
Who once again finds himself fraught,
By visitors of disassociation,
Out of the penned chaos of my own harassment,
I and I long,
An insufferable longing,
As timeless as the earth itself,
My little devils,
Slivers in my consciousness,
Make it harder each day,
For me to relate to this emptiness,
In any way that I may stand correct,
For surely,
I am not correct,
As Nuada was killed by Balor,
So too was Balor corrected by Lugh,
Shall a Celtic God or Devil,
Right me where I stand,
So that I might be reborn,
Lover, indeed, word and smile,



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