The Importance of Muse (2)

Muse |myoōz|

(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
• ( muse) a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

I have tangled with Muse,
Made love to,
Time and again,
She, they, have entered my life,
Opened up the distant shores of my anima,
Sailing toward me while singing a tune familiar,
“Write, write, and write.”

Arriving at my wave torn shores,
The symbolic prism of my enchantments,
She, they,
Have begged of me to engage that spark of innovation,
The furious luminescence that is innate,
The ingenious and flattering catalyst of inspiration,
She, theirs, yours inspiring with a radiant smile,
Revealing more than just her soul,
But also my own,
As her hand touches me,
Bathing me with renewal,
Now that time has seen fit,
To let me go.

Muse approaches,
She, You, taking my hands in her own,
You dance me to the edge of reason,
Dipping me momentarily on the other side,
Opening my eyes to untold possibilities,
Lifting me back her determination is obvious,
To alight my own.

I’ve never sought you Muse,
I’ve never searched for you,
For I have always been fortunate,
As the gods and goddesses of my creative heaven,
Always find rhyme, reason and time to send you to me,
And when you arrive,
I am slave to your guiding light,
Chosen as I am,
By you.

I have loved Muse,
Not as abstract concept,
But as driving force of divine initiation,
Calling as you have,
As you do,
For me to obey the conditions of my soul,
Rather than revolt,
For as you have reminded me time and again,
These words are my rebellion,

A Warrior Poet

These words are my birthright,

Flowing ceaselessly and without end

These words are my passion,

Indeed, my only passion, save love,

These words are my paradise,

Heaven, hell and nirvana all rolled into one fragmented mind,
These words are my soul,

These words are me but they are, Muse, yours.

I have tangled with Muse,
Though now I want nothing more,
Than another dance,
That I may find inside my own contradictions,
The answer that has always eluded me,
The solution that has always taunted me,
The puzzle that has been without that one piece…




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