The Importance of Muse (3)

When at first you came,
I remember it as if it were yesterday,
The abstract representation of you,
Delighted during my formative years,
The delusions of a man of words,
A poet warrior in training,
Grand representations that brought me closer to me, and you,
In the wake of all that was destructive,
Impure destinies that shattered my sense of self,
Lost inside the golden haze,
Of scotch,
The transparency of my vodka ambush,
Visible to all who can see,
Yet still you came to me,
You still came,
Revealed one night in a pool of tears,
Concentric circles of critical import,
Sorrowful contemplations no child should,
Taking my hand and placing it upon your breast,
Commanding that my heartbeat feel your own, with nothing more,
Than a smile,
Internalizing for external consent,
Pushing me to divine the difference between what is right and what is necessary,
Burdened by a heavy soul,
Seeing the world collapse around me,
Shards of iniquity like shrapnel,
Brutally repressing the who I should be,
Instead accepting less than what my light was born,
To shine,
Your precious inclinations,
To guide me through the night,
Escort me through each day,
My bewilderment kneeling at the altar of my shame,
Until you,
Blessed Muse,
Releasing me from the impunity of my own despondency,
My deep regrets, brought now as force to bear,
Resource from your intimate touch,
Knowing that I am not worthy,
Though my words are,
Always standing by at the ready,
To guide me from trumped up inadequacies,
Only existent in my head,
Powerful and all consuming,
We’ve travelled far and wide,
To the edge of reason,
To the debate raging within,
Genius or insane,
A trip that I take daily at the speed of thought,
Self created,
And as abysmally hard as this journey has been,
It has defined me,
Molding me,
Shaped me,
Finding my way like water,
Like life,
As professed by your abstract divinity,
Realized in countless she,
Beautiful and resplendent,
Illuminating my way,
With these words,
Ad infinitum,
My life as journey
An unyielding voyage,
A trip of profound expressions,
For you,
Once more, anew,



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