The Importance of Muse (4)

As I do,
I must,
For only at the altar of your feet am I exalted,
Propelled to a dimensional plain,
Of theories,
Strings and things,
Where consequence is chaos
And inconsequential
And action is order,
Called by you,
As I am,
Daily from across the universe,
Your haunting voice an echo from my past
And a deliverance to my future,
Dear Muse,
How do I crave your affection,
For these words as much as for those eyes,
Undressing you
The lips that long to kiss you,
The hands that seem like thumbs,
Without yours intertwined,
In the words you sponsor,
Fostering in me a light that even I did not know,
Could not see,
Would not share,
But for these words,
Wherein I am both lost and found,
As in you,
Lost and found,
Mostly found,
Yet happily lost,
Gazing as I have, do and will,
At those precious lines that alight your experience
And foreshadow a future as yet unknown,
Not shown,
Fully blown,
By you,


My heart yearns for more,

More than you may,

Less than I will,
Knowing that my destiny,
Wherever it shall be,
Involves a special choice,
Destined to reveal,
More of me to me,
Of you to you,
The answers sought,
In glimpses caught,
Sowing the seeds of our redemption,
One kiss at a time,
Feeling that yesterday is gone,
Today is a gift
And we’ll never know what tomorrow brings,
Even in a love such as ours will be,
I long for you,
Pang painfully,
Like an emotional quicksand,
Believing and conceding,
All that I am,
All that I could be
And all that I was
For the solemn promise
Of that elusive forever,
That I have always sought,
For naught,
But for you,

Whomever you are,

Wherever you are,

I will find you,
I will die trying to find you,
I must find you,
As destiny commands,
For this performance,
Will be an encore daily relived,
Daily revived,
Showing and knowing,
What love is and should be,
Because of your smile,
All the while undressing my soul,
As a present for you,
To we.



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