Darkened Black Dog

Darkened Black Dog,
This bitch like litter,
Apparent tirelessness,
Of demons many,
Found by all,
Do you know?
Have you met them?
Will you recognize the face of your accuser?
When that accuser is really one within,
It’s darkness supplanted,
Brighter than the sun,
Crushing the soul,
Held motionless by defiant emotions,
Those timeless and without place,
For who pray tell must endure this precocious and infectious curse,
Emotions and feelings,
Those can no longer be repressed,
The present,
Awaiting vital judgments,
To undo the minds displacing agony,
Summarily dismissed only to be executed the same,
The trial of this earthly existence,
In moments clamoring yet quiet,
The freshly fallen snow,
Nature’s ermine, reminiscent of grand chambers,
Whereby the guilty are set free,
While the innocent are fighting for their lives,
Internal jurisprudence,
Neither justice nor prudence,
The virgin harlot,
The vestal whore,
Two solitudes existent deep within,
Touching every living soul,
The same soul,
In a rain swelled river,
No banks in sight,
The supposed effectiveness,
Of swimming with the current brought,
One constantly questions,
Whether the grade shall be made,
All the while knowing,
The game is crooked,
Perverted for everyone,
All the same,
The sick joke of compromise,
With different results,
While demons await,
The shrill defiance of the night,
Leading demons back to the door,
Where any moment,
They will shatter the night,
Making bright the torment,
Of depressions battle waged.



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