Let’s Thrive

I will survive,
As will you,
Of that there is no question, qualm or debate,
We will survive,
But like me,
Don’t you want more?
I know I do,
And I know that you do too,
Hidden behind the veil of conversations bright,
Where like grains of sand in an infinite universe,
Time reveals all,
Telltale suggestions that refine into future intents,
I want to thrive,
Found in the capitulation of great eagerness,
The wonderful sensation of never wanting to be without,
For a life imagined a million times or more,
Day in and day out,
Lost inside the luscious temptation of your gaze,
Ponder without end the sweet sensation, endlessly savored,
Of our lips meeting,
In a dual to enflamed zeal, en garde Mademoiselle, Fili, Bisous, Besos and more,
Renaissance Man and Warrior Poet,
Knight in shining amour approaches,
En garde,
Pulling back just long enough to luxuriate in your essence,
Before we start this dance,
As guided by the hands of Lady Serendipity,
I know you feel her too,
A tango in time, transcendent,
Hoping to move you so deeply within, your soul transmits,
A million phoenixes,
Those of your past regret, past transgressions and  past loss,
I want to wake up and sense your divine energy,
Feel it completely,
Allowing myself the lavish wonder of all you are,
I seek a lifetime of breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Saturday afternoon walks in the park, hand in hand,
Arm in arm or hugging as we will,
Finding a quiet bench where we can snuggle,
Soaking in our surroundings,
Those are of no matter so long as you are near,
Talk about how crazy life was before we found each other,
Wake up on Sunday morning and make you breakfast in bed,
Deciding on a whim to stay there all day,
Talking, reading the paper, cuddling, kissing,
Whatever else two passionate grown ups do in bed,
Nudge nudge wink wink,
(we all know I may grow old but I refuse to grow up)
I want to leave you there for only a minute or two,
Come back into the room with the most lavish bouquet you’ve ever seen,
Pleased by the giddy laugh and widening smile,
I hope to find that place we both are comfortable,
Where we allow ourselves the privilege of saying,
What was I doing before you,
For it surely wasn’t living,
Though it absolutely was life,
I want to meet your family and your friends,
Travel the world or just each other’s dreams,
I hope to type feverishly with you at my side,
Looking over my shoulder, wondering aloud,
Is that about me,
Shyly smiling,
As I wonder for a moment whether or not I should say no,
Only to wait a moment more to say yes, of course it is,
I want to make you ten thousand dinners,
Champagne and candlelight,
Though takeout and a nice Malbec would do just fine,
I want to feast on your love,
One tasty second at a time,
For all the days of my life,
I want to thrive,
Though for now,
You and I,
Must be content,

On second thought…

Let’s thrive!



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