Heavenly Conceived… Earthly Believed

How have you so gracefully danced once more,
Right into the forefront of my greatest wish,
My most fervent request of time,
With a generosity and elegance all your own,
You have entered my soul,
Embracing it,
Uplifting it,
Inspiring and alighting it,
Traipsing around leaving persistent beauty,
One that radiates through every atom of my being,
Simply from the depth of your smiles resonance.

May I beseech you?
Allow me this intrusion,
Into your subconscious,
Allow me to dance, as you have,
Over the qualms and quandaries of the mundane,
Inserting the suggestion of intimate grandeur,
Let me break down the walls,
Your walls,
Those carefully constructed constraints,
Those have held you prone but not able,
To capture that sweet sensation you beseech,
Unable or unwilling to break free,
From those convictions that are no longer useful to you,

For shall you allow me this foray,
Deep within the hidden structures of your desire,
Further permit me to build a new construct,
Carefully, insightfully and with chivalrous intent,
Please, may I entreat you?

Close your eyes, control deftly the cadence of your breathing,
Imagine if you will,
That these words are wings,
That will carry you to your greatest wish,
Your most profound happiness,
Continue to allow these words, as unfettered promise,
To lift you higher and higher,
That you might, if only for a minute,
Catch a glimpse of what herein is praised,
The designs of gods and goddesses,
Heavenly conceived and earthly believed,
Allow the resplendent beauty of Aphrodite to intoxicate you,
As you have I,
For Muse,
Together, shall you submit?

Find the courage,
Find the strength to let passion be your guide,
The power of such ambition is insistent upon those mysterious places unknown,
Within you,
That I now seek to enflame,
Unburden you mind, body and soul with the realities of the past,
And incite them to believe,
The unlimited possibility of intention and love.



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