I Sing The Thief Eclectic

I Sing The Thief Eclectic…

Wall Street,
Tokyo and London.
Hong Kong and Euronext,
Shanghai and Toronto,
Bombay and The National Stock Exchange of India,
BM&F Bovespa and Deutsche Borse,
Shenzhen, SIX Swiss and BME Stock exchanges,
Mathematicians, statisticians, engineers,
Computer programmers,
Bankers and Lawyers,
Oz like controllers,
Financial wizards,
Modern Pharisees,
Clear pretension dressed up,
In Brioni suits and Zegna ties,
Bally and Ferragamo shoes,
Chauffeured Lincoln Town cars and Maybachs’
Ferraris’ or Phantoms’,
Excesses thrown in the faces of those abused,
Stock markets purpose built,
To take from the working man,
The money earned through sweat, blood and tears,
Complex financial instruments that traders themselves barely understand,
But they don’t need to, do they,
No their soul purpose in this grand game,
Is buy or sell,
Nothing more,
Though the proverbial Wizards,
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley,
Each designing and self-defining,
More complex pyramids for capital flight,
Holding companies and tax shelters,
Even the regulations they write due to lacking oversight,
Whereby the workingman gets screwed again,
Corporations paying little to no tax,
Wall Street the world over,
Credit Default Swap,
Or Municipal bonds,
Effective snipers in the belfry,
Killing the hard earned gains of the working poor,
Retirement plans instantly destroyed,
By those who still earn more today,
In one year,
Than most investors will make in twenty,
No wonder that the best and brightest gravitate to those ivory towers,
Aspire to their own Maybachs or Phantom,
For they’re hard work pays off,
Their manicured nails and pedicure feet,
Never having seen what a true hard days work is,
Making it all the easier to push their shit, (Goldman internal expression)
On unsuspecting people who naively believed that traders,
Their brokers,
Worked for their investments best interests,
Not so says the Deputy,
The late to the party Sherriff  (Governments) who handed out,
Little penalty and no jail time,
The ridiculous timidity, with which they dealt these fools,
Carte blanche,
For one of the greatest heists of the last century,
The same power as they had before,
To pick the pockets of you and I,
While slamming our heads in a door.



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