Who Are You Meant to Be?

I want to travel into the void of human essence,
Firmly planting myself in the subconscious revelations,
I want to soak up all it means to be real,
So that I may better understand this world,
And my position in ascending wonder,
Excited by the possibility of something so rare,
That it defies description,
I want to experience something new,
That I may find myself,
Once more with feelings,
Desires and emotions,
Those are fleeting in the abyss of my own considerations,
At every step I am faced with mountains,
That I must scale,
Or shout from the foothills of surrender,
MOVE Mountain,
For I know that within our misunderstood minds,
Lay the opportunity for a higher calling,
The promise of the mind yet unspoken,
For fear of what may come if we did,
Our collective conscience the power of the divine,
The true power of the divine,
GOD is within,
Each of us are GOD,
The trouble being that we are confused,
Distracted by the talking heads and consumerism,
In spite of the freedoms that we have,
We are just lemmings waiting to drive ourselves off the cliff of what we could be,
For the settling of what we are,
I wonder if ever we will collectively be so strong,
That we can move not only mountains,
But move each other,
To a place that is our fate,
Cause virtual big bangs daily,
That uplift and enrich not just our lives but all life,
Animal, plant and man,
Finally revealing prospects that were foreign only moments before,
Let our laughter determine the direction that we will take,
Moving away from fear and sorrow,
Finding delight and joy in our decisions,
Discovering what true freedom is,
Leaving our belongings behind,
Save for those that are needed not wanted,
For material possessions destroy our innocence,
In so doing, finding that the essence of the human spirit, is to LOVE,
Finding that our future is determined by the little choices we make,
When chance reveals all,
The new paradigm,
A beautiful framework where passion be our guide,
Virtue be our only expression,
Where we can dine on the satisfaction of our peers,
All men and women are created equal,
It is the moments after birth that our destiny becomes perverted,
Guided not by our intuition or inner voices,
But instead driven by the desire to create the idyllic life,
As sold to us my television, movies and magazines,
YES your ass does look fat in those jeans,
But does it MATTER,
Does it REALLY matter,
Being who and what you are is the truest form of beauty there is,
It seems as if we lunch on prospects that we cannot conceive of,
Though in the rift of time and space,
Our eventual detection,
Will set us on a course of wild abandon,
As we run the race around an oval track,
That stretches to the furthest reaches of our currently pitiful grasp,
As poet warrior,
It is sad but true,
This dream,
This fantasy,
This story may never come true,
As we seem determined to stay with the status quo,
Cookie cutters,
One after another after another,
The same,
Where it is only our individualism that will unearth the secrets,
Those that currently elude us,
A simple literary fantasy,
That while burning your retinas as you read,
Will escape your mind moments later,
For it would seem we only exist inside the lens,
Of instant gratification.



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