Love Personified

Let my Black Dog subside,
For only a moment,
(a lie, as I wish I could kick it forever from my psyche)
That I may shed this sadness,
This dark cape,
Unfurl instead like a royal tea rose garden,
It blooms without thorns,
Those that have pricked me since my birth,
Abandoned by those who most I love,
Haunted by the spiritual divide,
Leading to his demise.

Though this fallacy must give way,
Love ultimately triumphs,
Alive and fruitful,
The air briefly scented with this depleted sadness,
Of failed lovers the world over,
Escaping into the ether of the universes energy,
Enveloped by the fresh and durable scent of hope,
Springing eternal,
My mind now alive with complex myths,
Of a pharmacological advance,
My fingers numb,
From nerves shot,
By an obsessive desire;

Can you not see,
I love you,
The royal you,
And I pang for the individual you,
Rather than the concept,
I am love?

Can you not feel,
The warmth of your skin,
Adoration anew,
Presented like butterflies and flushed cheeks?
New love?

Can you not understand,
That I am your gift,
Fallen to you,
Like a meteorite flashing through the sky on a cloudless night,
Fast and burning,
Apparent for the world to see,
The light of my existence,
Smashing in the face of all you thought you knew of love and life?

Can you not experience,
With me,
The intricate subtleties of desires flight,
The ripening blush of new longing,
Like a hummingbird suckling at the flower of Agape,
The gods smiling,
As I continue to sip your ambrosia,
Though I have failed in love,
I keep falling,
And into love,
Thus I remain,
Love personified.



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